Master Account APIs

Master accounts are Zoom accounts that manage subaccounts under them. For example, a university can be a master account holder under which each department is represented as a subaccount. An enterprise can hold a master account and have its business units with disparate regulatory requirements be subaccounts within. Zoom reseller and distributor technology partners also have access to Master account APIs. Using these APIs, a Master account can programmatically manage activities related to its subaccounts, provided that the Master account pays for the billing charges of all plans associated with the subaccounts.

Partner accounts (resellers and distributors) can provision two-tiered or three-tiered accounts:

  • In two-tiered accounts, there is a single Master account and multiple subaccounts. The Master account manages the subaccounts.
  • In three-tiered accounts, there is a top-level Master account that owns one or more second-level Master accounts. These second-level Master accounts can provision and manage the subaccounts under them.

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Using Master APIs

Master API endpoints are prepended with /accounts/{accountID}. The request body and responses mirror the standard Zoom APIs.

For example, a regular Zoom account would use the GET /users endpoint to list all of its users. However, to list all of a subaccount’s users, a Master account would use the GET /accounts/{accountId}/users endpoint.

To use the Master API endpoints, the Master account must authenticate via a JWT associated with the Master account or an OAuth token associated with a specific user under the Master account.

The Master account (on both levels) must have the Manage the subaccount role enabled to use the Master account APIs and manage subaccount information.

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