Zoom API Version 2 provides a set of Master Account APIs. These APIs allow a Master Account to manage Sub Accounts utilizing the Master Account’s API Key/Secret. Previously you would have to know the Sub Account’s API Key/Secret to mange it’s users and meetings. The endpoints mirror the standard Zoom API, pre-pended with /accounts/{accountID}

Report APIs

Method Endpoint
GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/report/daily Retrieve daily report for a specified acccount.
GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/report/users Retrieve report of active or inactive hosts.
GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/report/users/{userId}/meetings Retrieve active host’s meetings’ report.
GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/report/meetings/{meetingID}/participants Retrieve active host’s meeting participants’ report.
GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/report/webinars/{webinarId}/polls Retrieve a report on past webinar polls.
GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/report/webinars/{webinarId}/questions Retrieve a report on past webinar Q&As.
GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/report/telephone Retrieve telephone report of a specified account.