Privileges and Role Management

A role can have one or more privileges assigned to it by either an account owner or someone with role management privilege. Role-based access control enables your account to have additional user roles. User roles can have a set of permissions that allows access only to the pages a user needs to view or edit.

The table below shows a list of privileges / permissions that can be set for a role:

User:Read, User:EditView or edit user information, including the assignment of users to roles.
Role:Read, Role:EditView existing roles or create and modify user roles.
Group:Read, Group:EditView or edit Groups. All users in a group inherit permissions from the group role.
AccountProfile:Read, AccountProfile:EditView or edit settings in the account profile.
AccountSetting:Read, AccountSetting:EditView or edit settings that affect all users in the account.
WebinarSetting:Read, WebinarSetting:EditView or edit settings that affect all webinars scheduled by users in the account.
Recording:Read, Recording:EditView or edit information about recordings of meetings hosted by users in account.
RecordingContent:ReadView, download, play, and share links to any recording content in the account.
SubAccount:Read, SubAccount:EditView or edit settings for sub accounts.
ZoomRooms:Read, ZoomRooms:EditView or edit account-level settings for Zoom Rooms.
DigitalSignage:Read, DigitalSignage:EditView or edit digital signage for the account.
IMChatHistory:ReadView archived chat messages in the account.
IMGroups:Read, IMGroups:EditView or edit IM groups for the account.
IMSetting:Read,, IMSetting:EditView or edit IM settings that affect all users in the account.
IMChatBot:EditSend message by IM bot.
BillingSubscription:Read, BillingSubscription:EditView your current plan or purchase additional subscriptions and add-ons.
BillingInformation:Read, BillingInformation:EditView your invoice history or edit your billing information.
Dashboard:ReadView usage statistics for the account.
UsageReport:ReadView detailed usage reports for the account.
UserActivitiesReport:ReadView detailed user activity reports that can be used for audits.
ScheduleTrackingFields:Read, ScheduleTrackingFields:EditView or edit fields that can be used to analyze meeting usage.
PbxAdmin:Read, PbxAdmin:EditView or manage Zoom Phone settings for the account.
ZoomDevelopers:Read, ZoomDevelopers:EditGet developer privilege to view app settings or build and submit apps on the Zoom App Marketplace.
RoomConnector:Read, RoomConnector:EditView or manage H.323 devices / SIP room connector.
SubAccount:Read, SubAccount:EditView or manage Meeting Connector.
CrossHybrid:Read, CrossHybrid:EditView proxy Zone Controller settings or set up and deploy Meeting Connector with Zone Controllers.
LyncConnector:Read, LyncConnector:EditView settings for or manage Skype for Business (Lync) connector.
ThirdPartyConference:Read, ThirdPartyConference:EditView or manage settings for Telephony Service Provider.
Branding:Read, Branding:EditView or customize styling of your landing page when you have an approved vanity URL.
SingleSignOn:Read, SingleSignOn:EditView or edit Single Sign-On settings.
Integration:Read, Integration:EditView or manage app integrations for an account.
MarketPlace:Read, MarketPlace:EditView or manage app pre-approval admin settings in the Marketplace.

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