Recording Completed

All users with a Pro or a higher plan have access to Cloud Recordings. An account owner or account admin can enable Cloud Recording for all account members as well as for members that belong to a certain group. Users can also enable Cloud Recordings for their own use.

Only a host or a co-host of the meeting/webinar can start and complete a Cloud Recording. A recording is considered to be completed after the meeting or webinar which was being recorded is ended by the host/co-host.

The Recording Completed event is triggered every time a meeting or webinar which was being recorded ends. To receive this notification, you must meet the prerequisites listed below.


  • Pro or higher plan.
  • Cloud recording must be enabled on the users’ account.
  • Event Subscriptions must be enabled for your Marketplace app with the following configurations:
    • A valid Event notification endpoint URL.
    • "All Recordings have completed" subscription must be enabled under the Recording event.

The tabs below display the complete schema, payload with data types, and an example of the recording.completed event notification:

Recording Completed Event Notification

Name of the event.