Recording Stopped

All users with a Pro or a higher plan have access to Cloud Recordings. An account owner or account admin can enable Cloud Recording for all account members as well as for members that belong to a certain group. Users can also enable Cloud Recordings for their own use.

Only a host or a co-host of the meeting/webinar can start, pause, resume or stop a Cloud Recording.

The “Recording Stopped” event is triggered every time a recording is stopped by one of your app’s users or account users. To receive this notification, you must meet the prerequisites listed below.


  • Pro or higher plan.
  • Cloud Recording must be enabled on the users’ account.
  • Event Subscriptions must be enabled for your Marketplace app with the following configurations:
    • A valid Event Notification Endpoint URL.
    • "Recording Stopped" subscription must be enabled under the Recording event.

The tabs below display the complete schema, payload with data types and an example of the recording.stopped event notification:

Recording Stopped Event Notification
Known Issue with the duration field.

We are aware of the issue with theduration property returning a value of 0 in some of the recording webhooks and are working on coming with a solution soon.


Name of the event.