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Users in the Zoom desktop client and mobile apps are assigned with a presence status. The presence status informs users of their contact’s availability. Users can also change their own presence status to be either “Away”, “Do not disturb”, or “Available”.

Use this API to update a user’s presence status. A user’s status can not be updated more than once per minute, i.e., you can only submit a maximum of 1 update request/minute for a single user.
Note that a user’s presence status can not be updated using this API if the user is not logged in to the Zoom client.

Scopes: user:write, user:write:admin
Rate Limit Label: Medium


oauth2 - authorizationCode

Request Parameters

1 Path Parameter

Request Body

1 Example

Presence status of the user. The value can be set to one of the following:

  • Away
  • Do_Not_Disturb
  • Available

Users who are on Zoom Client with a version lower than 5.3.0 can update the status from:

  • Away to Do_Not_Disturb
  • Available to Do-Not_Disturb

Users who are on Zoom Client 5.3.0 or higher can update the status from:

  • Do_Not_Disturb to Away
  • Do_Not_Disturb to Available
  • Available to Away
  • Away to Available
1 validation

If you’re updating the status to Do_Not_Disturb, specify a duration in minutes for which the status should remain as Do_Not_Disturb.

The default value is 20 minutes and the maximum allowed value is 1440 minutes.

2 validations


HTTP Status Code: 204

Status updated succesfully.

Send a Test Request

Send requests directly from the browser (CORS must be enabled)
Path Params
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