A Zoom account can have one or more users. Use this API to add a new user to your account.

Scopes: user:write:admin user:write


oauth2 - authorizationCode

Request Body


1 Example

Specify how to create the new user:
create - User will get an email sent from Zoom. There is a confirmation link in this email. The user will then need to use the link to activate their Zoom account. The user can then set or change their password.
autoCreate - This action is provided for the enterprise customer who has a managed domain. This feature is disabled by default because of the security risk involved in creating a user who does not belong to your domain.
custCreate - This action is provided for API partners only. A user created in this way has no password and is not able to log into the Zoom web site or client.
ssoCreate - This action is provided for the enabled “Pre-provisioning SSO User” option. A user created in this way has no password. If not a basic user, a personal vanity URL using the user name (no domain) of the provisioning email will be generated. If the user name or PMI is invalid or occupied, it will use a random number or random personal vanity URL.

2 validations + required


HTTP Status Code: 200
A 200 statsus is returned when the request is completed successfully but the authenticated user does not have access to perform the action. No privilege.
You can add max {maxNumber} free users.
You can’t add paid users.
You can add max {maxNumber} paid users.
No permission, please contact Zoom customer support.

Send a Test Request

Send requests directly from the browser (CORS must be enabled)
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