Submitting an App

Apps may be submitted for publication onto the Zoom Marketplace for all users to install. These Public apps, available for discovery on the Marketplace discovery page, can be installed by individual users onto their Zoom Client as a chatbot, or as integrations into third-party services to utilize Zoom products and services.

Once you have submitted an app, the Zoom Marketplace team conducts a Submission Review. If successfully approved, the app will be available for distribution through a public landing page featuring the app and through an embeddable button for external installation options.

A Private app is an application created by and exclusively for an individual developer account. Private apps are not required to undergo Submission Review on the Marketplace. These Private apps will not be displayed publicly on the Zoom App Marketplace and cannot be advertised in any public document or site.

To distribute Private apps, use the Publishable URL to direct users to install on their Zoom Client. The Zoom Marketplace does not support private apps or connectors to be installed outside of the developer’s account unless directly intended to be shared for the purpose of short term external testing.

Local Testing

It is highly recommended that the app be tested locally before being deployed into production to end users. To authorize a local test, navigate to ‘Test the App Locally’, and click the Test button. This will generate an OAuth token using the apps Development Credentials (Development Client ID, Client Secret, and Redirect URL). This token can then be used to test the app within a development environment. Generate a Testable URL to share a locally developed app with others for testing.

If an app was previously installed on the Zoom Client, relaunch the Testable URL to uninstall the app.

To view or verify the API calls being made by account credentials, navigate to API Call Logs in the My Admin Dashboard.

Note: Locally developed apps can only be tested on the same account which developed the app. The Testable URL will not allow other Zoom accounts to install or test the app.

Submission Requirements

App Name

All submitted apps require unique names. This check is only performed once an app has been submitted. Development of an app can be done under any name. If there is a naming conflict, the Zoom Marketplace review team will provide options to resolve the conflict.

Release Notes

Provide Release Notes for the App Reviewer with information that will help the Zoom Marketplace review team effectively test your app. It is recommended that these notes be as thorough as possible to provide information on roles needed for testing, permissions, and any required details for the app. App submissions without sufficient information will likely be denied and will require a resubmission.

If you are upgrading an app, you have the option to provide Release Notes for the App Users. In the notes, include information about the features and/or bug fixes that will be available with the upgraded app. If the app user has opted in to receive transactional emails from the Zoom App Marketplace, the information on the Release Notes for the App Users will be included in the transactional emails.

Documentation and Support

All published apps are required to provide a Support URL and Documentation URL for direct links to both resources. Use Zoom’s Best Practices for Support URL Content as a reference for what to include.

All published apps are also required to provide individual on-going support for users. While the Zoom Marketplace provides active support for the use of the platform, all apps are required to actively provide users with their own dedicated support options.

Domain Validation

Any domains receiving callbacks or requests from Zoom must be authorized. To verify a domain, download the HTML file with a verification code and place the file in a folder called /zoomverify under the root folder of the domain. Once this is completed, click Validate to allow the app to be submitted for review.

Test Account and Credentials

App submissions must include a designated test account and corresponding credentials to allow the Zoom Marketplace review team in functional and usability testing. If an account is not required to login to the app, select No account required. If there is a trial URL for which the review team can access the app, provide this using the Free Trial URL. Select Login Page URL to provide the login page along with a test username and password if login is required.

App Approval

When an app has been submitted, the Zoom Marketplace team will undergo a Submission Review process of functional, usability, and security testing. During this time, the Publishable URL can be used to directly distribute the app to users on the developer’s account; however, the app will not be discoverable in the Marketplace until it has been approved.

For more information on this process, reference the Submission Review guide.

App Removal

To remove an app from the Zoom Marketplace, navigate to the My Apps section of the Marketplace. If the app has not yet been published, the app can be removed directly. If the app has been published, choose the change icon and select the option to Remove. Further status updates will be provided by email.

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