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New: Chatbot messages now support Markdown and @mentions!

Zoom Chatbot messages can display information like text, images, and attachments, as well as UI Elements that the user can interact with like links, buttons, form fields, dropdowns and more.

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Base JSON Structure

Sending and Editing Chatbot messages requires a base JSON structure which forms the request body sent to the /im/chat/messages endpoint. Message customization is handled inside the "content" object.

  "robot_jid": "{{bot_jid}}",
  "to_jid": "{{to_jid}}",
  "account_id": "{{account_id}}",
  "content": {
    // custom message json here

Message Types

The 6 Chatbot message types are message, actions, fields, select, attachments, and section. All of these types can be combined in one message, or used in separate messages.

Message Styles

In most message formats, the color, boldness, and italics of Chatbot message text can be customized. The Windows and Mac Zoom Client support any combination of bold, italicized, and colorized text.


colorHex color code, changes the text color
boldBoolean, makes the text bold
italicBoolean, makes the text italic

For some message formats (Buttons, Dropdown, Links, Footer), text styling is handled differently or is not supported. Buttons, for example, can be styled from one of four color states: Primary, Default, Danger, and Disabled.


PrimaryBlue, changes the background color
DefaultWhite, changes the background color
DangerRed, changes the background color
DisabledGray, changes the background color and makes the button unclickable

Link color is blue by default and cannot be changed in order to guarantee distinct and consistent styling of message links for the User. The link text can, however, be edited to be bold or italicized.

External links can be added to a Chatbot message in the following ways: Message with Link, Message with Markdown, and link autodetection. For link autodetection always prepend http:// or https:// to your urls if they are not included already. For example,

  "head": {
    "text": "I am a header",
    "sub_head": {
      "text": "I am a sub header"
  "body": [
      "type": "message",
      "text": ""

Refer to the Full JSON Schema for each message type to see the styling options.

Chatbot Postman Collection

To test sending all the chatbot messages types, install the Zoom Chatbot Postman Collection, and follow these instructions to setup your Chatbot App credentials.

Run in Postman

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