Message with Footer

New: This message type now supports Markdown links!

Messages can have a footer which is the bottom most content displayed in a message. The footer can consist of an image, text, and or a timestamp.

In order to add a footer to your message, the parent object in the body array must be of type section. Inside the sections array you can add your message type.

footer_icon an image, pass in an image url

footer the text to display

ts a date in milliseconds (Unix timestamp)

The timestamp if recent will display in relative time (30 minutes ago), if not it will be MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM AM/PM format.

To see the style options reference the Full JSON Schema below.


Example’s JSON

  "head": {
    "text": "I am a header",
    "sub_head": {
      "text": "I am a sub header"
  "body": [
      "type": "section",
      "sections": [
          "type": "message",
          "text": "I am a message with text"
      "footer": "I am a footer",
      "footer_icon": "",
      "ts": 1560446471819
Full JSON Schema
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string or array[object]