Developer Roadmap

With our new developer platform on marketplace, the Zoom Marketplace Team is building new and better ways for developers to build world class integrations.

Our roadmap will be updated on a quarterly basis and is intended to give you a high level overview of what we are potentially releasing for our developer platform.

Within this roadmap we list features for the following platforms:

  • Zoom Marketplace
  • APIs
  • Desktop SDK
  • Mobile SDK
  • Web SDK

For a list of recent updates and changes, please refer to our Changelog or our Developer Forum New Release page.


It is important to know that even though we put plans into our roadmap, often times plans change and that this roadmap is for informational purposes only and is not a binding commitment to our actual development releases.

PLEASE do not rely on this information to make any financial, organizational, or development changes as releases are at the sole discretion of Zoom and is subject to change.

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