Manage Plans

If you are a partner or if you have a Master Account, you can manage billing plans for your users. See Manage users to learn how to create an account. Then use the following APIs to manage plans for an account:

You can manage Zoom Meeting Plans or Zoom Video SDK Plans with these APIs. See a list of plans here.

These API can only be used by Master Accounts that pay all billing charges of their associated Pro or higher subaccounts. Zoom only allows approved partners to use Master APIs and manage subaccounts’ billing information. Email the partner programs team at to learn more.

Video SDK Account Plans

Master Accounts can set up accounts with Video SDK Plans using the APIs above, with some restrictions. See the list of Video SDK base plans here. See below for details.

  • Video SDK Accounts can only have one base plan, either yearly prepaid or Pay as You Go.
  • An additional base plan, monthly prepaid, is only available for ISV partner accounts and it is not available to subscribe an account to a plan or update a base plan through the API. See Integrate on the Zoom Partner page for to learn how to become an ISV partner.
  • If your Master Account is a Video SDK Account and you have bulk licensing enabled, you can only create accounts with the same plan as your master account. For example, if your Master Account has a monthly prepaid plan for Video SDK and you have bulk licensing enabled, you will not be able to create a sub account with a Pay as You Go plan.
  • If your Master Account is a Zoom Meeting account, you can choose the Video SDK base plan for the accounts you manage.
  • The hosts and increasing_hosts parameters are not required in the plan_base object to subscribe an account to a plan or update a base plan.

Need help?

If you're looking for help, try Developer Support or our Developer Forum. Priority support is also available with Premier Developer Support plans.