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Make an Example API Call in Postman

In this example, you will make a List Users API call via Postman. For this guide, we use Postman version 8.5.1. Your version of Postman may differ.

For more information, such as creating environment variables in Postman, read the Using Zoom API Version 1 with Postman post.


Before getting started, you will need your JWT from the Zoom Marketplace. Once you have your JWT, you will need to add your JWT information to Postman.

Add your JWT credentials

In Postman, open the workspace where you imported the Zoom API collection.

In the Authorization tab, select Bearer Token from the Type menu. The Zoom API comes preconfigured with a JWT environmental variable. You can also provide your own JWT value.

For this example, paste your JWT in the Token text box, then click Save in the top-right.

Set up your JWT credentials in Postman.

Set the List Users API authorization

In the Zoom API collection, select users, then select the List users API.

Select the Authorization tab, then select Inherit auth from parent in the Type menu.

Update the API call's authorization type.

Call the List Users API

In the Params tab, select only the parameters you want to send. For this example, use only the status and page_size parameters.

Click Send. The API should return a successful 200 response.

A successful List Users API response.

In the Headers tab, you will see that the Authorization Header was automatically added to the request:

The List Users API authorization header.

You have successfully performed an API call with Postman.

Need help?

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