Using Postman to Test Zoom Chatbots

New: Chatbot messages now support Markdown and @mentions! An example has been added to the Zoom Chatbot Postman Collection.

Send Zoom Chatbot messages in 3 easy steps!

  1. Create a Chatbot app on Zoom
  2. Install the Zoom Chatbot Postman Collection
  3. Send Zoom Chatbot messages

STEP 1. Create a Chatbot app on Zoom

Once you have created a Chatbot app on the Zoom App Marketplace, go to the Local Test page by clicking on the Local Test link on the left side menu. Click the green Install button.

Local Test Page

Then click the blue Authorize button to authorize our chatbot and install it on our Zoom Client.

After you click Authorize, you will be taken to the redirect URL you provided, keep this page open, we will need the code in the URL for STEP 2.

IMPORTANT: Save the code in the URL. We will need it in the STEP 2.

You should now see your Chatbot in Zoom Chat!

STEP 2. Install the Zoom Chatbot Postman Collection

Click the Run in Postman button to install the Zoom Chatbot collection. This will allow you to send Chatbot messages with one click!

Run in Postman

Under the Collections tab on the left, you should see the Zoom Chatbot folder.

To configure the Zoom Chatbot collection to use your Zoom API credentials, hover over the collection and click the 3 dots. Then click Edit.

Enter in the code from the url you saved earlier into the authorization_code field under the Current Value column, on the Variables tab in Postman. Also add your Zoom Development Client ID, Client Secret, and Redirect URL for OAuth (all three found on your App Credentials page), and the Zoom Development Bot JID (found on your Features page) into the respective fields in the Current Value column.

Then click the orange Update button.

STEP 3. Send Zoom Chatbot messages

Before you can call the Zoom API to send Chatbot messages, you have to get an access_token. Expand the collection on the left, and click on the Chatbot Authorization request. Then hit the blue Send button! This sends a POST request to Zoom's authorize Chatbot endpoint.

Now you're ready to send Chatbot messages! Click on any of the other requests on the left and hit the blue Send button! This sends Chatbot messages via Zoom's POST /im/chat/messages endpoint. Try them all out!

Here's what the Message with Styled Text looks like in Zoom Chat!

If you'd like to learn more about the different Zoom Chatbot messages, reference our guide on Customizing Messages.

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