Change Publication State

Under the current Marketplace policy, private apps cannot be published to the Zoom App Marketplace. This distinction exists to allow for control over the sharing of apps outside of a developer account, thereby closing a potential security attack vector. To support developers who wish to publish their private app, the Zoom App Marketplace now provides a process to change the state of the app to submit to the publishing process.

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Publishing Private Apps

To change the state of a private app to be public, submit it for publishing.

  1. Sign in to your developer account and click Manage to navigate to the App Dashboard.
  2. Click your app to display its configuration page.
  3. On the left-hand navigation, click Activation.
  4. Under Share your app with others click Change Now.
  5. On the Enable Publishing window, click OK.

Change Effects

After the change is confirmed, the Zoom App Marketplace changes the state of the app within its platform for all users. The app page now displays two sets of credentials:

  • Credentials for current users are changed to Production credentials.
  • Development credentials are added for developers. Zoom uses these credentials during the approval process.

Other changes include a new left-hand navigation menu and meta-data entries. More information on this change can be found in our Submitting an App guide.

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