Updating an App

Updating an app which has already been published requires functional and security reviews similar to the original Submission Review process.

Update Process

To update an app which has already been published, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Login to the Zoom App Marketplace and click “Manage” on the top right corner. You will see a list of “Created Apps”.

  2. Select the App that you would like to update by clicking on the App Name.

  3. Make the necessary changes as needed to any information related to your App in the App Dashboard.

  1. After making the required edits, click “Manage” and navigate back to the “Created Apps” page.

  2. On the “Action” tab of the related App, click on the Menu (three dots) and select ‘Request to Upgrade’.

This will direct you to the Submit page. Click Submit and your update request will be submitted to the Zoom App Marketplace team.

When an app is submitted for update, the Zoom App Marketplace team will review updated metadata content, Scopes, and app features. Upon app update, the Zoom Marketplace team may seek to schedule a new security review if Scopes have changed to allow new data access, feature sets have changed outside of original app intention, or major discrepancies between an app’s description and new functionality have been identified.


After the Zoom Marketplace team approves modifications to the scopes of an app, Zoom sends an email notification to the app users asking them to reauthorize the app. App users can continue to use the existing app without reauthorization but they will not have access to the features that are associated with the modified scopes of the app. They will be able to use the updated version of the app only after completing the reauthorization process.