Sharing Private Apps

This feature is temporarily unavailable

Currently we are not approving publishable URL requests. We will change this note to indicate when we are approving publishable URLs again.

On the Zoom Marketplace, OAuth & Chatbot apps are installed by users with a Publishable URL(app installation link) located in the Submit page of your Marketplace app. To distribute private apps, use the Publishable URL to direct users on your account to install your app:

Supported Use Cases

Within some valid use cases, the Zoom Marketplace permits an unpublished app (a private app) to be distributed to and installed by Zoom users outside of your account. These use-cases may include:

  1. Enterprise accounts with separate accounts specifically for engineering teams to develop apps within sandbox environments.
  2. Zoom customers who employ contractors to develop apps specifically for their private needs.
  3. Developers who want to conduct a closed beta with live customers before submitting their app to be published for all Zoom customers to install.

Submitting a Publishable URL Sharing Request

Unpublished apps are not permitted to be shared outside of the developer’s account. To request this capability, submit a request on the Submit page of your Marketplace app and click on Request to share this app outside this account.

Publishable URL Sharing Request

A form will ask you to provide details on the reasons behind this request.

From this form, provide specific information on how your app’s Publishable URL will be used. You are required to provide the following information:

  • Whether or not you intend to eventually publish your app on the Marketplace.
  • The number of customers with whom you are planning to install this app.

Your response to ‘Why do you need to share this app outside your account?’ should indicate:

  • The type of customers with whom you are planning to install this app.
  • The expected duration of time for which this URL should be active.

Approval Conditions

The Zoom Marketplace team will approve or deny Publishable URL sharing requests on a case-by-case basis. Refer to the Zoom Developer Blog Behind the Curtain: Publishable URL Sharing Requests for a better understanding of how we evaluate each submission.

If your approval is approved, you will receive an email and an ‘Approved’ sign will appear next to your Publishable URL. Upon approval, remember that the URL will only be active for a limited time. During this time, you are strictly prohibited from:

  • Making any information about your app public.
  • Publicly using any Zoom brands, trademarks, or copyrighted materials to represent your app
  • Publicizing the app as a Zoom app / integration and linking or associating your brand or company with Zoom.

You are exclusively permitted to distribute and promote your app in relation to Zoom once it is approved and published on the Zoom App Marketplace.

Publishable URL Expiry

By default, your Publishable URL is permitted to be shared for a limited duration of 30 days. This duration is subject to change on a per-app basis. Beta users(users with whom you have shared the Publishable URL) that have already installed the app will be able to continue using the app seamlessly even after the sharing permission of your app expires. We continue to support already existing beta users. However, once the sharing permissions expire, no new users will be able to install your app. Please submit another request if you would need to share your app with more users after the sharing permissions have expired.

After the app is published on the Zoom App Marketplace, beta users (who had previously installed your app) can continue using your app without having to re-authorize/re-install your app. Like all other users, they will be required to re-authorize only when you upgrade your app.