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Sharing private apps

Private apps are not published on the Zoom Marketplace. They are intended for the exclusive use of the individual developer account or an organization. Within limited use cases, the Zoom Marketplace team permits you to distribute a private app to Zoom users outside of your account.This article explains the supported use cases and the process for sharing private apps.

In this article:

Supported use cases

  1. Enterprise accounts with separate accounts specifically for engineering teams to develop apps within sandbox environments.
  2. Zoom customers who employ contractors to develop apps specifically for their private needs.
  3. Developers who want to conduct a closed beta with live customers before submitting their app to be published for all Zoom customers to install.

Requesting a publishable URL

  1. Sign on to the Zoom Marketplace and navigate to your app's information page.

  2. Click Submit and then click Request to share this app outside this account.

    Publishable URL Sharing Request
  1. Complete the Technical Design Document (TDD) and supporting Security: Evidence Documents. You must combine all the documents into a single PDF and upload it for review.
  2. Complete the form and click Request.
  • The maximum number of installations allowed for a private account-level application is 20, and the maximum number of installations allowed for a private user-level application is 200.
  • In the ‘Why do you need to share this app outside your account?’ field include information about:
    • The type of customers with whom you are planning to install this app.
    • The expected duration of time for which this URL should be active.
      Note: A Publishable URL is permitted to be shared for a maximum duration of 4 weeks.

You can contact the Zoom Marketplace Team with any questions about the TDD or review process:

Approval conditions

The Zoom Marketplace team will review Publishable URL sharing requests on a case-by-case basis. For more information, see the Zoom Developer Blog Behind the Curtain: Publishable URL Sharing Requests.

If your request is approved, we will send you a notification email and an Approved label is displayed next to your Publishable URL. Remember that the URL will only be active for a limited time. During this time, you are strictly prohibited from:

  • Making any information about your app public.
  • Publicly using any Zoom brands, trademarks, or copyrighted materials to represent your app
  • Publicizing the app as a Zoom app / integration and linking or associating your brand or company with Zoom.

Publishable URL expiry

Once approved, a Publishable URL is permitted to be shared for a limited duration of 4 weeks with no exceptions. Once the sharing period expires, new users are not allowed to add your app. To continue sharing your app, submit request to renew the publishable URL.

Renewing publishable URLs

We issue Publishable URLs for a period of 4 weeks after which you can request two additional 4-week extensions.
You can request extensions for:

  • Expired publishable URLs: Submit a new Publishable Url request. We approve requests within 24hrs.
  • Non-expired publishable URLs: After 25 days, you can request to extend non-expired publishable URLs. Send an email request to Include your App Name and Production Client ID.
    For any other questions regarding Publishable URL requests, contact We are happy to answer any of your questions.

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