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Get Notified About Major Changes

Breaking changes are changes to existing Zoom Developer Services such as APIs, Webhooks and SDKs that will impact your application’s functionality and most often, it will require you to make adjustments to your code base. These changes can be introduced at any time as required to offer you better features, to align with the product changes or to make urgent fixes. We understand how frustrating it can be to learn about breaking changes after you run into issues in your app. We will try our best to keep you informed on these changes ahead of time whenever possible.

To ensure that we can send you notices regarding these changes, we ask you to update your Developer Contact Information in your Zoom Marketplace App Dashboard if the email address provided is not up to date.

Update Your Email Address

  1. Visit the Zoom App Marketplace and login to your account. Locate the app(s) that you have built and click on the App Name. This will lead you to your App’s Dashboard.
  1. Click on the “Information” tab and provide a valid Corporate email address, where you would like to receive updates regarding major changes in the Zoom Developer Platform and Services.

    It is important to keep the Developer Contact Information up to date so that you do not miss out on any important notice regarding the Zoom App Marketplace platform and services.

  1. Click Continue. If you are updating only the Developer Contact Information, you only need to follow step 1 through step 3 to successfully provide Zoom with your most up to date email address.

    If you make any changes to the scopes and URLs of your published app, you will need to submit your app for an “Upgrade Request” and once the request is approved by the Zoom App Marketplace review team, your users will have to reinstall and authorize your app to use the updated app.

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