Note: The features and release dates listed below are provisional and subject to change in Zoom’s sole discretion at any time. Visit our Changelog for information on our latest releases. For performance related changes made to APIs and Webhooks, refer to the Zoom Developer Forum.

Common area changes - May 22, 2021

If you have previously integrated with the common area phones (CAP) API, you need to update the code with the common areas (CA) API to support the new workflow. No action is needed if you have not been using the CAP API.

Zoom Phone is introducing an improved workflow for managing common area phones. The common area is used to create a profile/extension to which you can add IP phones, Analog Telephone Adapters, or Zoom Phone Appliance devices. Switching to the new experience will make it easier and more consistent for admins to add and manage Zoom Phone devices in common areas. A common area can be any area in an office that is available for use by more than one employee. For example, if your organization has a hybrid office space, you can define each hoteling station as a common area, then assign phones to it for employees to use. For more information, see the support article on common area changes.

Important dates

  • May 22, 2022: Existing account owners are given a choice to switch over. New customers are automatically added to the new feature.
  • January 1, 2023: Zoom automatically updates customers who have not yet opted in. CAP API is deprecated.

Notable changes

We'll update the list below with each release. See the Phone API monthly release notes for the latest changes.

  1. New common area API: use the common area (CA) API instead of the common area phones (CAP) API if starting new.
  1. Enhanced API to support the new common area experience: multiple endpoints have been updated for an easy transition.
  • Call queues
    • New request field (common_area_ids)
      • POST /v2/phone/call_queues
      • POST /v2/phone/call_queues/{callQueueId}/members
    • New response fields (common_areas, extension_id)
      • GET /v2/phone/call_queues/{callQueueId}
    • Unassign a member from call queue API supports deleting a member of the common area from the call queue
      • DELETE /v2/phone/call_queues/{callQueueId}/members/{memberId}
  • Devices
    • New response fields (provision_template_id, extension_id)
      • GET /v2/phone/devices
      • GET /v2/phone/devices/{deviceId}
    • New request field (provision_template_id)
      • PATCH /v2/phone/devices
    • New request fields (assignee_extension_ids, provision_template_id)
      • POST /v2/phone/devices
  • Shared line groups
    • New response fields (common_areas, users.extension_id)
      • GET /v2/phone/shared_line_groups/{sharedLineGroupId}
    • Supports deleting an unassigned member of the common area
      • DELETE /v2/phone/shared_line_groups/{sharedLineGroupId}/members/{memberId}
    • New request field (members.common_area_ids)
      • POST /v2/phone/shared_line_groups/{sharedLineGroupId}/members
  • Users
    • Accepts commonArea as the extension type
      • POST /phone/users/{userId}/settings/{settingType}
      • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}/settings

Webinar API rate limit enhancements - October 23, 2021

We are introducing new rate limits to Create a webinar and Update a webinar APIs. Starting October 23, 2021, these endpoints will have a rate limit of 100 requests/day per user.

The following error message is displayed anytime an application exceeds this limit:

You have exceeded the daily rate limit ($RateLimitValue) of Webinar Create/Update API requests permitted for this particular user. You may resume these requests at GMT 00:00:00.

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