Sample Zoom Apps

The Zoom App Marketplace provides the following sample projects to help quickstart development of custom applications. Use these projects to test Zoom APIs, copy into existing applications, or build new applications.

OAuth Node App

Sample Node application for learning how to authenticate using OAuth 2.0 to make a Zoom API call. App is built using Node and Express.

JWT Node App

Sample Node application for learning how to generate JWT and authenticate your applications to make a Zoom API call. App is built in Node.js and

Web App

Sample HTML5 web application for replicating the Zoom Client in a browser. Suited for environments where the end user cannot download the Zoom Desktop Client due to IT restrictions or in very low bandwidth. The Zoom Web Client allows users to join meetings, receive screen share, join through phone, and leave meetings. App is built using an easy to install JavaScript module.

Chatbot App

Sample Chatbot app built to show integration with third-party API. Can be recreated by following the Build a Chatbot tutorial. Built using Node, Express, and PostgreSQL.

Data Visualization App

Sample Zoom integration application built to access and visualize activity on your Zoom account. App is built using Node, Express, Docker, MongoDB.

Ionic App

Sample Zoom Meeting application built in JavaScript using the Ionic Framework and can be run on Android or iOS mobile devices. This project is a Zoom Community Project. Contact our maintainers on GitHub if you would like to become a contributor.

Need help?

The first place to look is on our Developer Forum. If you can't find the answer or your request includes sensitive information, contact Developer Support.