Zoom APIs

The Zoom API provides a primary access point for third-party developers to securely interact with the Zoom platform and build private services and public applications on the Zoom App Marketplace.

Using the Zoom API, developers can both request information from the Zoom platform, like information on a User or their account Reports, and request an action on the Zoom platform, like creating a new Meeting or updating the registration of a Webinar.

The Zoom API is an HTTP-based REST API, meaning it is built using REST architecture (Representational State Transfer). The Zoom API, and other REST APIs could also commonly be referred to as a “RESTful API.” For more information on REST APIs, we recommend referencing this external guide.

Requests to the Zoom API are directed to specific URLs, or endpoints, and must include a specified action. For example, a GET request to the /meetings/{meetingId} endpoint would return information on the specified Meeting. A DELETE request to the /meetings/{meetingId} endpoint would delete the specified Meeting on the Zoom Platform, and any application which references it.

All requests to the Zoom API need to be authenticated. If a request to the Zoom API is received without proper authentication credentials, the request will be denied. To learn more about authentication with the Zoom platform, read our Authorization guide which includes information on JWT and OAuth authentication.

To preserve the integrity and reliability of Zoom APIs, most endpoints have a rate limit of 10 requests per second. For a more detailed view of rate limits, see the Rate Limits section of the Zoom API Reference. This limit is applied at the account level. Per account, we allow ten requests per second for all users.

For a full reference to all resources of the Zoom API, explore our API Reference section. This section includes a full documentation for each endpoint, including available actions, request parameters, and expected responses.

For an interactive testing environment to explore available resources of the Zoom API, we also recommend our Zoom API Postman Collection.

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