Active Apps Notifier

Active Apps Notifier (AAN) is an in-meeting and in-webinar feature of the Zoom client. It informs users about Marketplace apps that have real-time access to content and user data shared during an ongoing meeting or a webinar. AAN displays icons along with a tooltip in the meeting/webinar window when a host or another participant uses an app that has real-time access to meeting/webinar content (audio, video or chat).

With AAN, users in a meeting or a webinar can see the app that is accessing content, the type of the content that is being accessed along with information regarding the account that approved the app.

The AAN feature is supported in 5.6.7 and higher versions of the Zoom desktop client, Zoom mobile app, Zoom Rooms for Conference Room and the Zoom web client.

It is currently not included in the Zoom Meeting SDK. Therefore, when a participant joins a meeting that is hosted in an integration built using the SDK, AAN icons are not displayed.

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