End User Authorization Flows

The Zoom App Marketplace lists all publicly available apps which can be installed by individual users or accounts (User-managed or Account-level apps). Zoom users can discover new apps through the Marketplace discovery page or search directly for specific apps.

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App Administration and Permissions

User-level apps can be installed by any individual user on a Zoom account. These apps have specific access set for Zoom APIs to manage the individual user’s data, and thus authorization and deauthorization are managed by the user.

Account-level apps can be controlled by a Zoom account admin user with Marketplace role access. This role grants admins the ability to control which apps can be installed on the account and by individual users on the account. To set these permissions, navigate to Permissions in the My Admin Dashboard. This page allows admins to pre-approve the installation of apps, apply restrictions, or prevent users on an account from installing apps.

Pre-approval request flow for Users

For an app that has not already been installed and pre-approved by an admin, a user can request for the app’s pre-approval. To do so, navigate to the app in the Marketplace and click Request pre-approve on the app description page. If the request is approved by the admin and the user has all required Scopes for the app, a user can now install the app.

A sample pre-approval request flow for an end-user is shown below:

Pre-approval request flow on the User's end

Make pre-approval requestAfter requesting pre-approvalAfter admin grants pre-approval

Pre-approval request processing for Admins

Admins can manage pre-approval requests made by users by navigating to App Requests in the My Admin Dashboard. Admins with Marketplace:Edit permissions can pre-approve or reject the requests. Admins can also view which users made requests through the Requests dropdown.

Additional Control for Pre-approvals

Admins can also enforce additional control on app pre-approval for a private (created by a user on the admin’s account) or a public app by limiting the installation access to only a certain set of users. These apps must have been either activated or already installed on the admin’s account. To implement this control, an admin must follow the steps listed below:

  • Navigate to App Marketplace > My Dashboard > Installed Apps > Apps in Production.
  • Select an app for pre-approval.
  • Enable the Pre-approve option.
  • Navigate to the “Who Can Install” tab and specify email addresses of users who should be able to install the app. Only the users whose emails are added will be able to install this app.

This restriction does not apply to apps that have already been installed on the users’ account.

Managing App Permissions

Marketplace Admins have full control over an account-member’s ability to install Marketplace apps. In the Permissions screen of the My Admin Dashboard of the Marketplace, admins can require pre-approval of all account member’s ability to install apps. When enabled, account members will be unable to install apps without the admin’s pre-approval.

Apps which have been created by Zoom or by members of the admins account can be excluded from requiring pre-approval. This can be set for both publicly available and development-stage apps.

Note: Changing this setting does not affect existing subscriptions.

Apps which are not publicly available on the Marketplace can also be set to require pre-approval. This enables admins to control whether an app can be installed without pre-approval while in development (using development credentials). Note: If pre-approval is required, users will not be able to install development apps for testing.

Transactional Email Notifications

As an admin, you also have access to enable or turn off email notifications about app pre-approval requests. You can select up to five admins with Marketplace:Edit permission as recipients for the email notifications. Any of these admins can then accept or reject the pre-approval of the app. If you enable this option but do not add any recipients, the Zoom App Marketplace will automatically identify admins with the correct permissions and email them the notifications.

If you disable this option, you won’t receive any email notifications but you can still view the pre-approval requests by navigating to MY ADMIN DASHBOARD > App Requests > Pre-approval Requests.

Disable Preapproved Apps

If an admin has pre-approved an app, it can be disabled by navigating to that app in the Marketplace and switching off the Pre-approve setting when needed.

Note: this will disable the app from all users in your account and should only be done if necessary.

Missing Permissions for App Installation

If a user is unable to install an app from the Marketplace, the user can view which missing permissions need to be granted before the app can be installed.

Some apps may only be installed for users by account admins. These apps will show a Request to Install button available for users to send app installation requests to admins.

Admins can view the app installation requests in the My Admin Dashboard and navigating to Request to Install. Here admins can either install the app or reject the request.

Uninstall an App

To uninstall an app on an account, navigate to the app by going to Manage > Installed Apps > and click Uninstall.

Clicking Uninstall will prompt a confirmation to remove the app.

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