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Getting Started

Welcome to the Zoom developer platform! This is a simple straightforward guide that will enable you to get started quickly using the Zoom developer platform! The platform consists of APIs, SDKs, and other developer tools that make it easy for you to integrate Zoom services directly into your tools and applications!


We have two authentication paradigms available for secure authentications when working with the Zoom platform. We offer the OAuth 2.0 paradigm for authentication within the user context and JWT for authentication between server-to-server apps.

When using JWT you should be transmitting data to and from Zoom between two services or servers that trust each other. You can think of this as the “private app” function authentication paradigm. An example use case for JWT is in a custom internal CRM app that needs to be able to create meetings for customers. You could use the JWT authentication method to create these meetings without needing individual user authentication.

You can use OAuth for times when you want to authenticate users so that they can use your app within their own context without access to other user’s data. An example use for this type of app would be a scheduling app that allows users to schedule Zoom meetings with a counselor.

To get started with implementing these authentication tools please see our OAuth 2.0 and JWT guides.


We provide powerful APIs that allow you to quickly and easily integrate the Zoom experience directly into your apps and workflows. Our REST API response on HTTPS uses industry standard security and authentication paradigms to secure your user’s data.

To learn more about using our APIs please check out the Zoom API reference.


Our SDKs allow you to implement the Zoom video experience directly into your applications! In place of needing to develop a custom video solution we provide SDKs that abstract that process and quickly enable video services in your app.

We provide Zoom SDKs for the following operating systems:

You can also find all our packages and sample apps on our Github.

Stay Up to Date

There are a few ways you can stay up to date with any changes to the developer platform:

Need Support?

The first place to look for help is on our support forum. You can reach that forum using the Support option in the top navigation bar or by clicking this link.

If you can’t find the answer in the support forum or your request requires sensitive information to be relayed, please email us at developersupport@zoom.us.

API/SDK Availability

APIs and SDKs are enabled only on paid Zoom accounts as free accounts cannot yet implement them. We are working on adding developer accounts that will provide API and SDK developers but this service is not yet available at this time.

APIs and Webhooks

All of our APIs and webhooks should be used in the context of an app or connector in the Zoom marketplace. We strongly recommend that you create an app even if you are using the APIs in the context of pulling reports or developing an internal application without publishing it to the marketplace.

APIs and Marketplace

If you are building applications either for your internal use or for Zoom customer use, we recommend that you incorporate your code within the Zoom Marketplace framework instead of using these APIs as a standalone with a key pair.