App Approval and Removal

Approval Process

To submit your app you will need to accept the Zoom Marketplace terms of use. You will also need to sign the Developer Agreement; this will be required in order for Zoom to review and approve an app.

During the review of your app, Zoom will perform functional testing, verify, and validate the scopes of the app. Any further verification or communication will be sent directly to the email provided during the submission of your app.

If and when your app passes functional testing, your app’s site will undergo security testing and verification. Your app and details will be submitted to a third party for security analysis and penetration testing. If necessary, Zoom will put this third party in contact with your team via the email provided at submission.

How to remove your app

If you wish to remove your app from the Zoom Marketplace, navigate to the My Apps section of the Marketplace. If your app has not yet been published, you can choose the option to remove it directly from your apps. If your app has been published, choose the change icon (…) and select the option to remove. You will be notified via email for further status updates.

If you have further questions please contact