End User Authorization Flows


The Zoom App Marketplace lists all publicly available apps that have been integrated with Zoom. Zoom users and developers can discover new apps through the Marketplace discovery page or the search functionality provided.

Apps are sorted based on the following categories:

Discovering an App

To discover an app within the Marketplace, you can either manually search or choose a popular app based on the categories on the main page of the Marketplace. Once you locate the desired app, you can select it for more options. On the Marketplace homepage, you can also filter apps to show those that have been pre-approved for your account.

App Administration and Pre-approval

Authorizing an app from the Zoom Marketplace can be controlled by a Zoom admin user with marketplace role access. This lets admins control what apps can be installed for the account or specific users on the account. To authorize any app, an Admin must pre-approve a particular app before users on the account can install it. Users may need to contact their Zoom admin for pre-approval. There are two types of apps available in the marketplace, user-level and account-level. Account level apps can only be installed by admins while user-level can be installed by individual users on the account.

Preapproving an App

Based on the app type, Zoom users and admins can install an app from the App Marketplace. Once an app is preapproved for the account, you will see the option to Install the particular app. Choose this option, and you will be directed to allow the app to access specific Zoom Account information. Once you approve, you may be redirected to further configuration options for the app. If the app requires any configuration, you may have to complete the configuration for the app to function.

Configuring Settings

If a specific app requires you to configure or edit the configuration, navigate to the desired app through your apps. Choose the Manage tab and scroll down to the option to Configure. Once you click configure, you will be redirected to the specified app’s configuration page.

Removing an App

If you wish to remove or deauthorize an app for your account, navigate to the desired app. Choose the Manage tab and scroll down to the option to Remove.

Once you select remove you will be prompted to confirm the removal of the app. You will have the option to give permission for the developer to retain your data. If you consent to the developer keeping your data the data will not be removed from their services.