Testing and Submitting Your App

Testing Your App Locally

When you are ready, head to the “Local Test” section of your app details. There you can test your app locally by clicking on the Test button. This process will generate an OAuth token by using your Development App Credentials (Development Client ID, Client Secret, and redirect URL). Use this to test your app within your development environment. You can also generate a Testable URL (seen below) that allows you to share your locally developed app with others for testing.

For private apps that are ready to be installed, you can install them by going to the install step for your app and selecting Install. If you want to share this app with others, you can share the *Installation URL.

Private or Internal apps and Connectors

If you are developing an integration for your own account use and do not wish to have it publicly available on the Zoom App Marketplace, simply generate a Publishable URL for your app for distribution among your internal users. You are not required to submit your app to the Marketplace.

If you need to view or verify the calls being made on your account using keys assigned to your account then you can view the call logs on the manage page in marketplace.

Submitting Your App

Once you have completed your app’s configuration, you will have the ability to share and submit your app to the Zoom App Marketplace.

If you choose to submit your app, once approved, your app will be discoverable within the Zoom App Marketplace for any Zoom user to install to their account.


Ensure that all Development and Production endpoints (Redirect URL and Event Notification URL) are live at the time of submission. The Zoom Marketplace team will need to test all URLs submitted to approve your app.

To submit your app, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to the Submit tab.
  2. Obtain your Publishable URL to share the early installation link before your app is live in the Marketplace. Note that this will use your Public App Credentials.

Once you generate your Publishable URL we will also provide you with an Embeddable Button. The embeddable button allows you to add a button to your website that links to your publishable URL. To obtain the HTML button, click Copy Button Code. This will copy the button image and link to authorize your app within Zoom.

A sample version of the embeddable button is available in Our Zoom API reference.

  1. You will need to verify that the domain from which you are receiving Zoom callbacks is authorized. To do this, you will need to download the HTML file with your verification code and place this HTML file in a folder called zoomverify under your root folder for your domain. Once you have done this, click Validate, and you will be able to submit your app for review.
  1. Once you have completed the Zoom Integration and Developer Agreement, verify that you are not missing any required information to submit your app. You will need to agree to all the items to submit your App to the Marketplace for approval.

If you have not signed your agreement, please go tot he following link: Marketplace Developer Agreement.

  1. Add release notes. Provide enough information to ensure that the Zoom approval team can properly test your app, including test credentials or login information. This should be relevant to how you would like your app to be tested. We recommend you be as thorough as possible and include information such as what roles are needed for testing, permissions, and any additional details of the app. If not enough information is provided your app will be denied, and you will be required to submit again.

App Name

When you submit, we will check to make sure your name is unique. This is only done when you submit your app so you can develop your app using any name. If there is a conflict you will have the option to change the name to resolve the conflict.

Waiting For Approval

Once your app is submitted, you will need to wait for the Zoom approval team to test and publish your app to the Marketplace. During this time, you can provide your Publishable URL to your users to start using your app right away. Your app will not be discoverable in the Marketplace until it is approved. Once your app is approved, you will receive an email update and your app will be able to be installed directly from the Zoom Marketplace Discovery Page.