Upgrading Your App

What Happens When You Upgrade

The upgrade process is very similar to the original submission process. When you submit an upgrade for your application we will always do the following:

  1. Review the contents of your descriptions to make sure they are clear and provide value for Marketplace users.
  2. Review your app’s functionality. This is the exact same process your app goes through initially. We want to make sure that your descrioption matches the function of your app. For more clarification on this process see Testing and Submitting Your App.
  3. If we think your app needs an additonal security review we will reach out to you and your team to schedule a time to do so. The following are some reasons your app update could trigger a security review:
    • You have scope changes that access new data.
    • You added new feature sets that are outside the scope of your original app’s intention.
    • Major discrepencies between your apps description and it’s real world functionality.

Upgrade Steps

If you need to update or upgrade your app, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to My Apps
  2. Choose the change icon (…) and select the option to upgrade.
  3. You will be redirected to your App Workspace. Here you will need to update any relevant information. Be sure to redefine your scopes (if necessary), update screenshots and description, and go through the testing and submission process.
  4. Submit your app to the Marketplace.
  5. Once approved, be sure to communicate to your users to reauthorize the app. You should only need to reauthenticate if you updated your scopes.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at marketplace-support@zoom.us.

Please note that any modifications to the scopes for your app will force all existing users to re-authorize the app.

This is because changes to scopes is considered a breaking change.