The Zoom Marketplace allows you to add event subscriptions and a chat command. Use your app verification token to validate notification requests from Zoom for your app. The verification token will be sent in the event header as “authorization.” for more information please see Our Zoom API Reference.

For details on our event payloads please see our payload schemas.


The verification token does not expire.

Event Subscriptions

If you choose to utilize event subscriptions, you will be able to receive notifications from Zoom as they happen to your endpoints. With event subscriptions turned on, you can configure your endpoints and event types.

Once you have configured your Event Notification endpoints. You can choose which event types you want to receive notifications for. To add event types, click the Add Events button.

Once you have chosen your desired events, click Done and then Save.


If you update any Event types after generating a publishable URL, you will be required to regenerate a new publishable URL.

Chat Subscription

You can configure your app to receive chat commands targeted to your bot. You will then be able to interact with the user via the chat interface of the Zoom application. Once a user submits a command to your bot through chat, Zoom will forward this to your bot’s endpoint. You can configure one command, such as hello_world to trigger this feature to your endpoint.


The command will be used as a slash command and must be a unique value. We suggest using the name of your app so that it does not conflict with other apps in the Marketplace.

Bot JIDs

Once you have configured and saved your chat subscription and bot endpoint URLs (for production and development) you will obtain your Bot JID. You will have two Bot JIDs, one for production and one for development.

This will be used to make use of the Chat APIs in order to send and receive messages to the chat group that has invoked your bot. For more information on the chat subscription payload, please see this page.

If you decide to use event or chat subscriptions for your app, the necessary scopes will be automatically selected for you. You will see all the required scopes as you choose events or add chat commands. Don’t forget to pick any additional scopes you may need on the next page. If you decide to remove a feature, any scopes required only for that feature will automatically be deselected from your scope list. If you have manually selected a scope that a function also uses, that scope will remain selected even if you remove the feature that requires it.