Get real-time call data

Zoom uses webhooks to notify your app of a real-time event happening in your account or your app user’s account.

By subscribing to Phone events, your app can receive webhooks with payloads containing real-time call data. To start receiving webhooks, create an app on the Zoom App Marketplace if you haven’t already done so and subscribe to desired events in the app.

The following table provides an overview of all the Phone events that you can subscribe to.

Phone eventsDescription
Call status events

  • Caller ringing
  • Caller connected
  • Callee ringing
  • Callee answered
  • Callee missed
  • Callee ended
  • Callee rejected
  • Caller ended
  • When a call is initiated or received, Zoom will send webhooks to your designated URL to notify your app about the call status(ringing, connected, answered, rejected, missed, ended).

    If the call is an outbound call made by your app user, webhooks for caller event(s) are sent to your app.

    If the call is an inbound call directed to your app user, webhooks for callee event(s) are sent to your app.
    Call log events

  • Caller's call log completed
  • Callee's call log completed
  • After a call ends, the details of the call are entered in a call log.

    Zoom will send webhooks that include the call log data to your designated URL, once the log is ready.
    Recording completed
    When your app user records a phone call over Zoom phone, Zoom sends the phone.recording_completed webhook once the recording file is ready to be accessed.
    Voicemail receivedZoom sends the phone.voicemail_received webhook when your app user
    receives a voicemail in their Zoom Phone.
    Emergency call alertZoom sends the phone.emergency_alert webhook when your app user dials 911 using Zoom Phone.

    You can retrieve, store and update data associated with each call using these webhooks as well as automate your workflows by responding to an event according to your business logic.

    Refer to this demo app to see a sample Webhook integration.

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