Web Fully Customizable SDK

The Fully Customizable Web SDK enables the development of all new video applications powered by Zoom’s core WebAssembly video framework.

Sessions are not Zoom Meetings; instead, with no default user-interface, this SDK is designed to support unique video applications.

Getting Started

To obtain your SDK Key & Secret, connect with us for initial launch details.

Get Started


Using the Fully Customizable Web SDK will require experience using async functions & promises in JavaScript. You’ll need a camera and microphone for testing, and a backend (server-side) service to securely generate a signature to launch a session.

Browser Support

Feature / Browser Chrome 58+ Firefox 56+ Safari 11+ Opera 45+ iOS 13+ Android Chrome
Video (receive)
Video (send)
Audio (receive)
Audio (send) ✔ (76+)
Screen (receive)
Screen sharing (send) ✔(72+) ✔(66+)

Next steps

Need help?

The first place to look is on our Developer Forum. If you can't find the answer or your request includes sensitive information, contact Developer Support.