Install a browser supported by Zooms Web SDK as shown in the table below.

Video, Computer Audio and Sharing Supported browser

Feature Chrome firefox Safari Edge IE 11 Opera Vivaldi
Video yes yes yes yes no yes yes
Computer Audio yes no no no no no yes
Sharing yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Please note, for browsers that do not have computer audio, we are awaiting for them to fix an audio bug on their end.

Obtaining your SDK Credentials

Finding your existing API App

When you first log in to the Zoom Marketplace, click on the Manage button. Afterwards your existing app will be located in the Created Apps section. You will see API app.

Creating and Viewing your API App

If you’re unable to find your API app, you can create a new JWT API Credentials app to get access to your API Key/Secret.

  1. First, log into, then go to the develop dropdown button right next to the manage button, then click Build App.
  2. Unselect the option to Intend to publish this app on Zoom Marketplace.
  3. Choose Account-Level app.
  4. Select JWT API Credentials.

View Your API Key & Secret

Within your API app, click on App Credentials.