Integrate with your app


1. Locate the libraries

2. Add modules and configure dependencies

3. SDK footprint

After having some hands-on experience with our SDK, the next step is to integrate our Zoom Android SDK with your own applications.

1. Locate the libraries

The aar libraries are in the commonlib and mobilertc folders. Please ensure the following files are in these folders, if any of them is missing, please re-download them.


├── build.gradle
├── commonlib.aar
└── commonlib.iml


├── build.gradle
├── mobilertc.aar
└── mobilertc.iml

2. Add modules and configure dependencies

Open “Project Structure” and press “+ (Add Module)”.

Select “Import .JAR/.AAR Package”, locate the aar files and add them into your project. Last but not least, select your own module in the Project Structure, and add the libraries as dependencies.

3. SDK Footprint

Our SDK includes rich features in video conferencing. The overall size of our Android SDK is 20.7MB.

Now you can import classes from the SDK in your own applications and enjoy the fantastic video conferencing experience in your apps.