Error Codes


1. SDK error codes

2. General error codes

The SDK might return errors in the callbacks or as return values. This list provides a description of possible error codes and how to mitigate them. If you receive an error code, cross-check here to get the semantics of the error and how to resolve it.

1. SDK error codes

1.1 Global SDK error codes

Name Error Code Description
ZOOM_ERROR_SUCCESS 0 Function calls successfully
ZOOM_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENTS 1 Function calls failed due to one or more invalid arguments
ZOOM_ERROR_ILLEGAL_APP_KEY_OR_SECRET 2 Your SDK key or secret is illegal
ZOOM_ERROR_NETWORK_UNAVAILABLE 3 Your network is unavailable
ZOOM_ERROR_DEVICE_NOT_SUPPORTED 99 Your device is not supported by Zoom
ZOOM_ERROR_UNKNOWN 100 Error unknown. Please seek help on Zoom Developer Forum.

1.2 API error codes

Name Error Code Description
ZOOM_API_ERROR_SUCCESS 0 Successfully made API call
ZOOM_API_ERROR_FAILED_NULLPOINTER 1 Zoom SDK is not initialized before use.
ZOOM_API_ERROR_FAILED_WRONGPARAMETERS 6 Failed due to one or more invalid arguments
ZOOM_API_INVALID_STATUS 101 Our API is taking a break. Please try again later.

1.3 Authentication error codes

Name Error Code Description
ZOOM_AUTH_ERROR_SUCCESS 0 Authentication success
ZOOM_AUTH_ERROR_USER_NOT_EXIST 1001 User does not exist
ZOOM_AUTH_ERROR_WRONG_PASSWORD 1002 Incorrect password.

1.4 Pre-meeting error codes

Name Error Code Description
PreMeetingError_Unknown -1 Unknown Error. Please seek help on Zoom Developer Forum
PreMeetingError_Success 0 Pre-meeting function call succeed
PreMeetingError_ErrorDomain 1 Incorrect domain
PreMeetingError_ErrorService 2 Service is wrong
PreMeetingError_ErrorInputValidation 300 The information input by user is incorrect
PreMeetingError_ErrorHttpResponse 404 The resource required does not exist
PreMeetingError_ErrorNoMeetingNumber 3009 No meeting number
PreMeetingError_ErrorTimeOut 5003 Request timeout

1.5 Meeting error codes

Name Error Code Description
MEETING_ERROR_SUCCESS 0 Start meeting successfully
MEETING_ERROR_TIMEOUT 2 Start meeting request timeout
MEETING_ERROR_NETWORK_UNAVAILABLE 3 The network is unavailable
MEETING_ERROR_MEETING_OVER 8 Requested meeting already ended
MEETING_ERROR_MEETING_NOT_EXIST 9 Meeting does not exist
MEETING_ERROR_USER_FULL 10 The number of participants exceeds the upper limit
MEETING_ERROR_NO_MMR 11 There is no MMR server available for the current meeting
MEETING_ERROR_LOCKED 12 Meeting is locked
MEETING_ERROR_RESTRICTED 13 Meeting is restricted
MEETING_ERROR_RESTRICTED_JBH 14 Join meeting before the host is not allowed
MEETING_ERROR_WEB_SERVICE_FAILED 15 Failed to request web service
MEETING_ERROR_REGISTER_WEBINAR_FULL 16 The number of registers exceeds the upper limit of the webinar
MEETING_ERROR_DISALLOW_HOST_REGISTER_WEBINAR 17 Registering the webinar with the host’s email is not allowed
MEETING_ERROR_DISALLOW_PANELIST_REGISTER_WEBINAR 18 Registering the webinar with the panelist’s email is not allowed
MEETING_ERROR_HOST_DENY_EMAIL_REGISTER_WEBINAR 19 The registration of the webinar is rejected by the host
MEETING_ERROR_WEBINAR_ENFORCE_LOGIN 20 User needs to login if the user wants to join the webinar
MEETING_ERROR_EXIT_WHEN_WAITING_HOST_START 21 User leaves the meeting when waiting for the host to start
MEETING_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENTS 99 Meeting is failed due to invalid arguments
MEETING_ERROR_UNKNOWN 100 Unknown error. Please seek help on Zoom Developer Forum
MEETING_ERROR_INVALID_STATUS 101 Meeting API is taking a break. Please try again

2. General error codes

Below are some common errors codes that are not specific belongs to SDK, but occasionally you will see them while using our Zoom SDK.

Description Error Code Suggestion
Failed to create a data connection with our server. 5 Please check your network connection or network configuration.
Failed to send create meeting command to our server. 15 Please check your network or HTTP request configuration.
SDK authentication failure: invalid SDK key & secret 3023 Please check your SDK key & secret
Your account does not support using SDK 3024 Ensure your license type or your account has SDK enabled.
No response from our server in 30 seconds 5003 Please try again later. If it happens a lot, please visit our community forum for help.
DNS resolve failure 5004 Please check your network adaptor or your network hardware.
Conference does not exist 102006 Ensure the conference number is correct or has successfully being scheduled/hosted.
Zoom client version lower than the minimum required version 102011 Please download our latest version of SDK
Zoom client version higher than the maximum allowed version 102012 Please download our latest version of SDK
Conference token expired 102014 Get a new token from our API
Server is too busy 103008 Please try again later. If it happens a lot, please visit our community forum for help.
Your account does not support the requested feature 103024 Please ensure your account has the feature that you are requesting.
You account does not support call out 103025 Please ensure your account supports call out feature.
Having too much pending requests. Conference terminated 103037 Reduce your request frequency or try again later.
Your account is in blacklist 103039 Please seek support since your account is in the blacklist.
Conference going to create already exisit 102004 / 103001 Please try another meeting number or your previous “create meeting” request was successful.
Number of attendee has reached limitation 102010 / 103006 Contact our sales engineer if you would like to have more attendees.
The conference your are joining is locked 102015 / 103011 Please contact your meeting host to unlock the meeting.
Account is restricted, not allowed to join the conference 102016 / 103014 Your account is restricted, please seek support.

If your error codes do not exist in the above tables, please visit our Developer Community Forum for further supports.