Developer Accounts

The Zoom API and Client SDKs are available to all Pro, Business, and Enterprise accounts with no additional cost.

To start building with Zoom SDKs, you will need to generate access credentials (SDK key & Secret) by creating an SDK App on the Marketplace. Navigate to the Marketplace and click Build App under Develop. Select SDK and click Create. For more information on this setup, reference our Create an SDK App guide.

Developer Roles

To use the Developer Portal on the Zoom Marketplace, an account member must have Developer permission.

Admins and account Owners can provide Developer access to account Members through Role-Based Access Control. Under ‘Advanced Features’, assign a member or group Edit access to “Zoom for developers”.

Test Accounts

Registering and activating any Basic Zoom account will automatically provide free-trial Developer access to the Zoom API and SDKs. Use this free-trial period to test Zoom services and SDK functionality.

Note that each Pro, Business or Enterprise license allows each user to host one concurrent meeting. Hosting multiple meetings will require multiple licenses. An API Partner License will not need multiple licenses.

For further information and assistance regarding API usage and pricing, visit the API Plans page, or contact a Zoom Sales Engineer.

Need help?

The first place to look is on our Developer Forum. If you can't find the answer or your request includes sensitive information, contact Developer Support.