Electron Support

Electron is a framework used in creating native applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Desktop app development can be a long process regarding development time and ongoing support and maintenance. Electron significantly reduces the time it takes to develop cross-platform desktop apps.

We have implemented an Electron interface layer on top of our Windows and MAC SDK.

Please check out the demo app that is available in the SDK package and learn how to use the interfaces and methods.


Please note that the Zoom SDK supports meeting services only and does not currently support messaging.

Development Considerations

While Electron significantly reduces cross-platform development time, our biggest concern is the memory footprint of Electron apps. The Electron framework bundles the entire Chromium (the 20 million LOC, ~30MB [packaged] Web runtime). As a result, the binary size of your app will be a lot bigger. As with other open source frameworks, you will need to watch for security vulnerabilities in Electron such as a recently reported remote code execution flaw.