Install the Zoom SDK


1. Download the Zoom SDK

2. Verify files

3. Load the project

We will walk you through setting up a development environment for Zoom SDK in iOS platform ,and gives you hands-on experience.

1. Download the Zoom SDK

Just one last piece before outsetting our journey, please click the following button to download our latest SDK package:

2. Verify files

After you unzipped your downloaded file, you should have the following files:

├── [MobileRTCSample] <- Examples are inside.
├── [lib] <- Libraries are inside.
└── version.txt

Please refer to our Github repository if you have different file structures or have missing files.

MobileRTC = Zoom SDK

You will see the term “MobileRTC” in our iOS library, it is the technical name of our SDK library, you can treat it as the term “Zoom SDK”.

How to get version number?

In the files that you downloaded from us, there is a file called version.txt. The number inside that text file is the version number that you downloaded.

Please always include the Version number when you post a question or get support on our community forum.

3. Load the project

In the files that you downloaded from Github repo, there is a folder called “MobileTRCSample”. Go inside the folder, and double click on the “MobileTRCSample.xcodeproj” file to launch Xcode and load the project.

Once the project is fully loaded, you will see 1 demo and 1 extension as the following:

We provide 2 different examples for you:

  • MobileRTCSample: An iOS app that has all basic features for both login users and non-login users.
  • MobileTRCSampleScreenShare: An iOS extension that extends the above sample app to have screen sharing feature.

We will mainly focus on the MobileRTCSample in the upcoming sections.

Custom Meeting UI

If you would like to have your own “decorations” in the video conferencing room, our Custom Meeting UI option can help you to achieve that.

Please try our customuidemo example to get some feeling.

For further information regarding development, please refer to our later section.