Authentication ---- Non-login / API User

To host a scheduled meeting as a non-login user, you will need to retrieve the following two values from the REST API:

  • User ID
  • Zoom Access Key (ZAK)

For the User ID, pass your email address or retrieve your User ID from the REST API by sending a GET request to

For the ZAK, send a GET request to{userId}/token.

See SDK Authentication for more details.

The following steps will show you how to retrieve the above information from the Zoom API.

Access Zoom API

See Using Zoom APIs to configure your setup and access the Zoom API.

Get Zoom Access Key (ZAK)

Once you have the access to the Zoom API, send a GET request to the /users/me/zak endpoint to get a ZAK. See Get user's ZAK and SDK Authentication for details.

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