Zoom Meeting SDKs

Zoom Meeting SDKs allow new and existing applications to integrate a rich subset of features that are available in the Zoom Client app.

Offered on all major native platforms, Zoom Meeting SDKs are designed to be:

  • Easy to use: Simple imported libraries and packages allow you to quickly implement the Zoom meeting platform into new and existing applications.
  • Localizable: Natural support for Natural support for multiple languages and open translation extensibility allows you to grow application usage internationally.
  • Customizable: Custom UI features allow developers to extend and tailor the Meeting interface to allow direct integration with your app.

To begin development with Zoom SDKs, each developer requires a Zoom Account and a Zoom Access Key (ZAK). A ZAK is a unique identification and authentication token required for your app to host a meeting on behalf of another user. See Next Steps below for more information.

Native Meeting SDKs

Full-featured libraries provided to enable simple integration of the Zoom platform within mobile or desktop apps.

Web Meeting SDK

Web modules built to enable Meetings and Webinars within a web browser.


Build cross-platform desktop and mobile apps with fully integrated Zoom services on one code-base.

Minimum SDK version

The minimum supported SDK version is 5.2. This is not enforced.

Multi-threaded programming

We don’t recommend multi-threaded programming for Native Meeting SDKs. We suggest that you use a single thread for all interfaces.

Need help?

If you're looking for help, try Developer Support or our Developer Forum. Priority support is also available with Premier Developer Support plans.