Error Codes

The stack might return errors in the callbacks or as return values. This list provides a description of possible error codes and how to mitigate them. If you get an error code, cross-check here to see the semantics of the error and how to resolve it.

Description Error Code Mitigiation
Success – request is successful 0 None
Network unavailable – The Zoom client engine cannot connect to the Zoom cloud. 1 Prompt the user to check the internal network.
Reconnect Failure – The Zoom stack has failed to reconnect to the meeting in case of a network error. 2 Leave and join the meeting again.
MMR error – This is an internal Zoom cloud service issue. 3, 11 Leave and join the meeting again. Please contact Zoom support if you recieve this error repeatedly.
Password error – The end user password passed on to the stack is incorrect. 4 Prompt the user to get the right password.
Error in starting or joining meeting calls 5 None
Meeting has ended – If you try to start or join a meeting that has ended already. 6 Create another meeting.
Meeting has not started yet – If you try to join a meeting before host and the join before host setting is disabled. 7 Wait for the host to join the meeting.
Meeting does not exist 8 Check the Meeting ID.
Meeting is at capacity 9 None
SDK version number has been deprecated 10 Make sure you are running the most recent version of the MacOS stack.
Meeting has been locked – you are trying to join a locked meeting. 12 Prompt the user
Meeting is restricted – You are trying to join a restricted meeting. 13 Prompt the user
Join before host is restricted 14 None
Failed to send creating meeting request to the cloud 15 Typically a network error - please retry.
Client identity token has expired 16, 17, 18 Please contact Zoom support if you recieve this error.
Webinar registration is at capacity – New registrations cannot be accepted. 19 None
Failed to write to config file 50 File system error – If you consistently recieve this error please check the folder permissions.
Internal error codes 100, 101 Please contact Zoom support if you repeatedly recieve this error.