Introducing Zoom SDK

Great news! Your favorite video conferencing app Zoom can now be integrated into your application. We proudly introduce our Zoom Software Development Kit (SDK)!

Our SDKs allow you to implement the Zoom video experience directly into your application. In place of needing to develop a custom video solution, we provide SDKs that abstract the process and quickly enable video services in your app.

Note: Our meetings UI have a “Powered by Zoom” watermark which cannot be removed or hidden.

We provide Zoom SDK on the following platforms and frameworks:


Please be aware that all hard-coded variables and constants shown in the documentation and in the demo, such as Zoom Token, Zoom Access, Token, etc., are ONLY FOR DEMO AND TESTING PURPOSES. We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE the way of HARDCODING any Zoom Credentials (username, password, API Keys & secrets, SDK keys & secrets, etc.) or any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) inside your application. WE DON’T MAKE ANY COMMITMENTS ABOUT ANY LOSS CAUSED BY HARD-CODING CREDENTIALS OR SENSITIVE INFORMATION INSIDE YOUR APP WHEN DEVELOPING WITH OUR SDK.


This document assumes that you have some basic knowledge of our Zoom API. If you haven’t tried our API, please refer to our REST API documentation: