User Login Types

Meeting SDKs support multiple user login types through different authentication methods. A Login User is authenticated using their username and password (or through SSO). A Non-login User either uses SDK features anonymously (without logging in) or they are authenticated through the Zoom API.

All SDK-enabled licenses support both Login user and Non-login User authentication. This enables SDK apps to implement multiple login types to support both scenarios.

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Non-login User

Some SDK methods, like Join Meeting, allow (anonymous) users to access those functions without authentication. Non-login users will not need to enter their username and password. No authentication process is required unless hosting a meeting on behalf of another user.

Implementation for Non-login users could require combining Zoom API and built-in SDK methods. For example, authentication could be handled through the API, then the token in the API response could be passed to enable SDK features. For authorizing API requests, reference the guide to JWT Authorization.

Note: Some SDK functions are not available for Non-login users, including starting Instant Meetings or Scheduling & Managing Meetings… Non-login User Billing Usage of SDK features by anonymous users will be billed to the SDK Key & Secret owner (app developer).

When hosting a meeting on behalf of another user (in which a User Token and Zoom Access Token is requested), usage will be billed to the licensed user, not the SDK Key & Secret owner (app developer).

Login User / SSO User

Implementation for Login Users requires a user's credentials for authentication through built-in SDK methods. Login Users authenticate with Zoom directly. Single-Sign-On (SSO) users and third-party SSO are handled the same as Login Users. See Support OAuth in SDK app for details.

Users who login directly have all built-in SDK functions available to them. Users can host a meeting, start an instant meeting, and schedule/manage meetings directly in the app.

Note: When handling Login Users, data transmitted between the user and Zoom will not be directly available to the app developer.

Comparing Login Types

Account TypeNon-loginLogin/SSO
Host Scheduled MeetingYes (ZAK)Yes
Start Instant MeetingNoYes
Join a MeetingYesYes
Schedule & Manage MeetingsNoYes

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