Managing Meetings

Building a full-featured Zoom application using the Web SDK requires using the Zoom API to schedule Meetings. For a full walkthrough, reference the Using Zoom APIs guide on the API Reference.

Schedule Meetings

Schedule Manually

Meetings can be scheduled quickly without the API through the Zoom app ( Home > Schedule) or through the Zoom Web Portal. Provide the MeetingID to allow users to join the meeting through the Web SDK.

Schedule through API

Meetings can be scheduled through the Zoom API by sending a POST request to /users/{userId}/meetings (API Reference). Pass in a user’s email or userId to the schedule_for field to schedule a meeting for another user.

Explore the API Reference for more information to List Meetings, Get a Meeting, Update a Meeting, and more.


All requests to the Zoom API must be properly authorized. Use the JWT App credentials (API Key and Secret) used in your Web SDK app to generate a JWT (JSON Web Token) passed as a Bearer Token in the authorization field of your request header. All JWT requests must be handled by a backend service to secure your credentials. Reference the JWT Authorization guide for more information.

Use OAuth to make API requests on behalf of a user. Once a user grants permission, your Web SDK app will be able to utilize authorized resources on behalf of that user. Reference the OAuth with Zoom guide for more information.

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