Multi-Language Support

Set the supported language of the Web UI using i18n (short for ‘internationalization’) as a resource for managing global language support.

Available supported languages, with codes:

Language Code
German de-DE
Spanish es-ES
English en-US
French fr-FR
Japanese jp-JP
Portuguese pt-PT
Russian ru-RU
Chinese zh-CN
Traditional Chinese zh-TW

Set Supported Language when Joining a Meeting:

//Add the language code to the reload method

Change Language when a User Joins:

//Add the language code to the internationalization.reload method.
//Add the language code to the ZoomMtg.reRender method. 
ZoomMtg.reRender({"jp-JP": lang});

Add Custom Language Keys

//Add your own custom language key 
var langArray = ['de-DE', 'es-ES', 'en-US', 'fr-FR', 'jp-JP', 'pt-PT','ru-RU', 'zh-CN', 'myCustomLanguageCode'];

// set the userLangTemplate variable to a default language code
var userLangTemplate = $.i18n.getAll("en-US");

// Define the userLangDict variable
// Use the language-key-value.json file to determine which keys to set the custom language
var userLangDict = Object.assign({}, userLangTemplate, {'apac.toolbar_leave': 'Leave Now', 'apac.wc_leave_meeting': '不要会议', 'apac.wc_joining_meeting': 'Join Meeting', "apac.wc_quality": "Video Quality"});

// Set the userLangDict and custom code language in the load method
$.i18n.load(userLangDict, "myLangauge");

Need help?

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