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Zoom Meeting SDK C# Wrapper

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Login to the Zoom App Marketplace using your Zoom account, click Develop in the dropdown on the top-right corner, and select Build App. If you haven't created an SDK app, click Create in the SDK section and create one. If you have created an SDK app, click View here. Click Download and Windows(c#) to download the Zoom Meeting SDK Windows C# Wrapper.

SDK app download page

Please note that the wrapper DLL is located at:

Run demo

You need Microsoft Visual Studio to run the demo. Follow the steps to build and run the demo:

  1. Click the zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap.sln file in the zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap folder to launch the project in Visual Studio.
  2. Change the project setting to “Build”.
  3. Click zoom_sdk_demo.csproj in the zoom_sdk_demo folder to open the demo.
  4. Change the project's solution configuration to Release.
  5. Change the project's solution platform to x86.
  6. Build and run.


Here are some troubleshooting tips if you come across any issues running the demo.

.NET Framework

If you are using a newer version of Visual Studio, there is a chance the automatic upgrade wizard might change some configuration settings.

Ensure that the Target framework is identical across the zoom_sdk_dontnet_wrap and zoom_sdk_demo projects.

When you right click on either of these projects in Solution Explorer > Properties, the Application Tab should show you the Target Framework, such as .NET Framework x.x.x.

For example, if the zoom_sdk_dontnet_wrap project targets .NET Framework 4.7.2, change the target framework for zoom_sdk_demo to .NET Framework 4.7.2 as well.

Visual Studio target framework screenshot

Build Configuration

If you are running the x64 version of the C# Wrapper, ensure that the Configuration is set to Release and Platform is targeting x64.

If you are running the x86 version of the C# Wrapper, ensure that the Configuration is set to “Release and Platform is targeting x86.

Note that targeting Any CPU for Platform can be ambiguous. We recommend explicitly setting the Platform target as mentioned above.

Right click on your Solution, for example Solution, zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap, and choose Configuration Manager.

In Configuration Manager, you can add x86 or x64 as the target platform if they don’t already exist.

Visual Studio platform screenshot

Add a new interface

Since the C# wrapper is a community project, it may not include all interfaces available in the Windows SDK. However, as long as an interface is available in the Windows SDK, developers may configure the C# wrapper and make any interfaces available in the C# wrapper.

This guide will take AskAttendeeToStartVideo as an example.

Note: If your goal is to recompile the C# wrapper without adding new interfaces, just follow Step 1-3.


  • C# wrapper
  • Visual Studio 2019 or later

Steps to add an interface

  1. Download the latest C# wrapper from App Marketplace.

  2. Go to the zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap folder and open the solution file zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap.sln in Visual Studio:

Solution file shown in list of files
  1. Once the project is opened, you will see the project zoom_sdk_dotnet_wrap, which is the C# wrapper that we will be modifying:
Solution explorer showing zoom_sdk_dotnet_wrap

Rebuild the solution if your goal is just to recompile the wrapper.

  1. To add AskAttendeeToStartVideo, navigate to the IMeetingVideoControllerDotNetWrap class and add the new AskAttendeeToStartVideo interface:
AskAttendeeToStartVideo interface highlighted in code
  1. Add the same interface in the private ref class in the meeting_video_dotnet_wrap.h

  2. Go to meeting_video_dotnet_wrap.cpp and add the AskAttendeeToStartVideo function:

Screenshot of AskAttendeeToStartVideo function code
  1. Rebuild the C# wrapper project. Once rebuilt, you can use this interface in your project.

You may repeat the same steps for all other interfaces that you want to add.

Next Steps

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