Development Environment


1. Set Up for the Windows SDK

1. Set Up for the Windows SDK

  • Download or clone the package.
  • Launch the visual studio and open the project file.
  • Change the project configuration to Release.

Set the sdk_demo properties as follows:

  • In the Configuration Properties tab, go into the General subtab. Then set the Output Directory to the Bin folder.
  • In the Configuration Properties tab, go into the VC++ Directories subtab. Set the Include Directories option to the “h” folder and set the Library Directories option to the “lib” folder.
  • In the Linker tab, click the General subtab. Set the Output File to where you want the output “exe” file to be.
  • Get the App Key and Secret from your account - check the Credential tab.
  • You might need the API Key and Secret for making REST calls as well.

Our Windows SDK exposes four different services described below. Further detail on how to use these services can be found in the Developer Guide that is bundled inside the download.

  • The Authentication service is used for authenticating users. This is done by passing the account App Key and Secret or by passing Zoom login credentials.

  • The Pre-Meeting service is used to schedule, edit or delete meetings.

  • The Meeting service is used to create scheduled or impromptu meetings and exposes several controller interfaces to control the meetings.

  • The Setting service is used to enable or disable in-meeting controls.

The app can follow the same steps for managing webinars.