Windows SDK Functions


1. Initialization

2. Authentication Service

3. Pre-Meeting Service

4. Meeting Service

5. Meeting UI Controller

6. Setting Service

The Zoom Windows SDK provides the six services that are detailed below:

For API documentation, please visit the Windows SDK Documentation Page.

1. Initialization

You can find these APIs in zoom_sdk.h. Please call Zoom SDK APIs in main UI thread for thread-safe operation.

1.1 Initialize Zoom SDK:

Please do not use raw IP address as the web domain

Please do not use raw IP address as the web domain, it will put yourself into vulnerability issues. If you would like to learn why, please see our security practices for more information.

1.2 Cleanup Zoom SDK

Use the following code to employ the cleanup process for the Zoom SDK before you exit your application.

2. Authentication Service

When you first start using the Zoom SDK you should do the authentication first. Include the auth_service_interface.h code string.

2.1 Create Authentication Service and Auth SDK:

2.2 Login End User:

2.3 Logout End User:

2.4 Destroy Auth Service:

3. Pre-Meeting Service

If you want to use the pre-meeting service, implement the premeeting_service_interface.h. code string.

3.1 Create Pre-Meeting Service:

3.2 List Meeting:

3.3 Destroy Pre-Meeting Service:

4. Meeting Service

If you want to use the meeting service include the meeting_service_interface.h. code string.

4.1 Create Meeting service:

4.2 Destroy Meeting Service:

4.3 Start Meeting for API User:

4.4 Start Meeting for End-User:

4.5 Join Meeting for API User:

4.6 Join Meeting for End User:

5. Meeting UI Controller:

You can get this controller after you have been in the meeting. If not, you can’t use this controller.


5.1 Meeting Configuration Controller:

You can set the meeting configuration controller before you call the start or join meeting API. If the meeting has ended the configuration will reset automatically.


5.2 Meeting Annotation Controller

You can get this controller when you or someone else are sharing screens. If not, this controller will not be accessible to you.


6. Setting Service

If you want to use this service, include the setting_service_interface.h. code string.