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SDK minimum version policy

On a quarterly basis, Zoom enforces a required minimum version for each SDK. Versions below those shown will stop working in production, preventing customers from joining meetings. See the Frequently asked questions for more details.

The table below identifies the minimum versions of each SDK required by the dates noted:

ProductMinimum version as of
November 5, 2022
Minimum version as of
February 4, 2023
Meeting SDK for Windows,
macOS, iOS, and Android
Meeting SDK for Web2.
Video SDK for Windows,
macOS, iOS, and Android
Video SDK for Web1.

We recommend that you update to the latest version whenever possible. See the SDK upgrade guide for things to consider when upgrading from one SDK version to another. See How to update your SDKs to newer versions on the Developer Support site for lists of breaking changes from previous versions of SDKs.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Zoom implementing an SDK minimum version policy?

This policy aligns with the Zoom Software Quarterly Lifecycle Policy. Zoom developed this policy so that developers can offer Zoom’s latest security and functionality features to their users.

How often will the minimum SDK versions change?

We will block SDK versions below a minimum version and enforce this minimum version on a quarterly schedule. The schedule will be the first weekend of November, February, May, and August.

On that same schedule, we will announce the minimum version required across products and services for the next scheduled enforcement in order to provide three months notice.

See this page and the Changelog for updates.

How long can developers expect that a given SDK version will be supported?

Zoom will make an effort to support a given version of SDK software for at least nine months before it reaches end-of-life. However, we may require additional updates outside of this release window to address larger security or compliance features. See the Changelog for release notes and updates to Zoom SDKs and APIs.

Can developers see which version their customers are using?

Developers can add functionality so that customers can see which version they are on using the get version method for their SDK. For example, see getVersion for Meeting SDK for Android or getSDKVersionNumber for Meeting SDK for macOS. See the SDK reference guide for the SDK you are using for details.

What happens if a major vulnerability is detected and fixed? Will Zoom deploy additional updates or make forced updates?

In the case of an urgent security or other matter, Zoom may choose to release a forced or prompted update, and developers will have to update their customers to the latest version of the SDK to be on the most secure version. Zoom reserves the right to require forced, off-schedule updates to help keep customers secure.

Need help?

If you're looking for help, try Developer Support or our Developer Forum. Priority support is also available with Premier Developer Support plans.