Getting a Zoom Account


1. Getting a Zoom Account

2. Account Type, Pricing & Plan

1. Getting a Zoom Account

There are different ways to get a Zoom Account; you can get an account from:

  • Normal registration process
  • From your Admin Account (Will get a sub-account)

In this section, we will walk through the Normal registration process.

REST API user & Sub accounts
  1. REST API: If you would like to get your Zoom Account via REST API, please visit for further information.
  2. Sub-account: If you would like to get your Zoom Account as a sub-account. Please contact your Account Admin to use their admin account to create a sub-account for you.

First of all, we need a Zoom account to allow us to start “Zooming.” If you have not registered a Zoom account, here are the steps:

  1. Click the following button, and you will be directed to the Sign Up page.
  1. Follow the instructions to register a Zoom account.
Sign Up Zoom Account
Sign Up Zoom Account
  1. Once you have finished the sign-up process; Welcome to our Zoom family! You can now start using this account on all Zoom services.

2. License Type, Pricing & Plan


The following pricing information might change. Please always check our pricing page( for the latest information, or you can contact our Sales Engineer to better help you.

Pricing Plan
Pricing Plan

The Zoom account that you got from the Sign Up process comes with a Basic type license. In order to use our SDK, you will need to upgrade your license, you can:

  • Either sign up for a 60-days trial for Zoom Developer Account for FREE. Click here to register:
  • Or you will need to have a higher level account. To get an account for development, you can:
    • Purchase a API Partner license (Recommended for SDK development)
    • Purchase a Pro/Business/Enterprise license

Please note that each Pro/Business/Enterprise license allows you to host one concurrent meeting, if you have plans to host multiple meetings at the same time, you will need to purchase multiple licenses. Purchasing a API partner license will not have this issue.

The price and major differences:

License Type Price No. of concurrent meetings per license
API Partner Charge on your usage No limits
Pro $14.99/mo/host 1
Business $19.99/mo/host 1
Enterprise $19.99/mo/host 1
Pricing plans -- Further information & assistance

For more information regarding pricing plans,